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Haughley Playing Field Bowls Club

Bowls England

Haughley Playing Field Bowls Club Bowls England

Match Week 1

1st May B.E. Ipswich Div 3 Away

Norbridge Z 0 - Haughley 6 (57-88)

Rink scores of 11-20 / 16-19 / 19-20 and rink of the night
Rooney, Shave and Tricker winning by 11-29.

Match Week 2

8th May B.E. Ipswich Div 3 Home

Haughley 4.5 - Ipswich 'Z' 0.5 (71-56)

Rink scores of  - / - / -

and rink of the night winning by

Match Week 4

22nd May B.E. Ipswich Div 3 Home

Haughley 5 - Framlingham 1 (104-37)

Rink scores of 11-15 / 33-8 / 26-8 and rink of the night Glenn Nunn, J.Hill and D.Walker winning by 34-6


News from the our AGM on 5th October 2016

Motion passed for club to be affiliated to Suffolk Bowls (B.E.)

Club to apply to join B.E. and enter the Triples League on Wednesdays in 2017 and to also enter the Norton and Millennium Cup competitions.

9th November 2016

Club accepted for affiliation to B.E. for 2017 season.

Files below for full Millennium Trophy and Norton Cup Draws for 2017

9th December 2016

See also B.E. Suffolk - Ipswich Triples League documents and fixtures


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2nd August 2017 Ipswich Triples League Div D 'CHAMPIONS' in first season.